Parting Message from Our President

It is with great honor that I finish out my term as president of WAMDA. The 2018-2019 year passed quickly and I look back with awe and respect for the amazing work accomplished by the Board of Directors and the road race committee. The best aspect for me was working with new dietitian/nutritionists as well as those who have been involved for years. Many of the board members are raising families, working on advanced degrees, and volunteering in their communities, yet still find time to volunteer for our association!

Attending the 26th annual WAMDA road race, I was once again impressed with the enormous amount of work and time involved, and so very proud of the committee and all of the WAMDA members and students who showed up to lend their support. Listening to the speakers at all of the interesting programs, I realized how much effort it required by the program planners. Watching the two scholarship recipients receive their awards, I was seeing the future of our profession and knowing that it was in good hands.

In between all of that hard work, we had fun! A paint and sip night, a family night at the Thunderbirds Hockey game, and a viewing of the WAMDA tree at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club Festival of Trees, allowed us to relax and get to know members and their families. We are a small group with less than 100 members, yet we accomplish so much. I would like to thank the board of directors and the road race committee for their service and for the privilege of serving with such a talented group of nutrition professionals. I welcome Anne Maher, the new president, and the in-coming board of directors, many of whom are joining the board for the first time. Lastly, if you are reading this message and thinking about getting involved, I encourage you to do so; you will not regret it. In the words of one of our board members, “ I joined WAMDA because I was new in the area and wanted to meet other nutrition professionals; what I also found were some new friends!”

Paula Serafino-Cross