National Nutrition Month 2023

Happy National Nutrition Month WAMDA members! This year's theme is 'Fuel for the Future'. What are you doing to celebrate or how are YOU being celebrated? Share with us by sending at email to [email protected] and you could be featured on our webpage!

Thank you to our submissions so far. Check out what these WAMDA members are up to!

  • "I am spearheading our National Nutrition Month festivities at Community Action Pioneer Valley! I am part of their wellness committee. Each Monday, I am sending the entire agency a resource provided by the Academy along with a trivia question. Everyone gets until Friday to answer the question, and each question answered enters them into a raffle for prizes. (So, if they answer the question every week, they will have 4 entries.) As an example, I sent the PDF "Fuel for the Future Tips" and asked the question, "What is one way you can eat with the environment in mind?" (Ideas are given in the handout as a way to entice them to read it.) Prizes include a variety of merch from the Academy website."- Bree Orchard MS, RDN, LDN Senior Nutritionist at Community Action Pioneer Valley’s WIC Program
  • "Unidine has put together a 5 week program with a different nutrition topic each week. These will be featured in the HMC Employee bi-weekly newsletter and will include nutrition activities like word searches etc. that coincide with each weekly topic/theme. There will be featured menu items in the café for purchase in addition to the printed recipes available outside the café each week. The inpatient and outpatient RD's will be featured on 3/8 for RD day on HMC social media and the employee newsletter.. The cafeteria tv will be playing a small featured loop regarding NNM as well."-Marissa Chiapperino, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN, CDE, CNSC, Holyoke Medical Center