Congratulations to our 2020 award recipients!

G Mooshian (l), M Mik (r)

Each year, the WAMDA scholarship committee convenes remotely to review all of the scholarship applications and continues to be impressed with all of the applicant's accomplishments and commitment to the field of dietetics. On behalf of the WAMDA Scholarship Committee, it is our pleasure to announce the 2020 WAMDA Scholarship recipients, Mary Mik and Grace Mooshian!

Grace Mooshian has just completed her senior year at UMass, earning a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition. Her references described her as personable, bold and motivated. Her experiences in nutrition are well-rounded and range from menu planning for college dining, working as a dietary aide in long term care and as a student dietitian and health care counselor at a youth camp specializing in type 1 diabetes.

Mary Mik, a graduate from Syracuse University, is in the process of completing the dietetic internship at UMass. Her references describe her as a leader, possesses excellent time management skills and is a critical thinker. Mary's passion for nutrition spans from farm to table with special interest in agriculture and also has experience working in corporate wellness. While pursuing her college degree, Mary worked for a large tech company- she wore many hats, leading workshops about technology for health and wellness and contributed to employee wellness programs.

We wish you both the best in your future endeavors!

Pictured above: Grace Mooshian (L), Mary Mik (R)